Windows 7 screen grabs look better than they sound


So Microsoft’s Sinofsky had a pretty good dance with CNET about Windows 7, really not saying much of anything. But a picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Howzabout a ton of pics?
We can confirm these are indeed screen shots of the current build of Windows 7 as it will be introduced in 2010, but keep in mind that’s three years away and many changes might be made. We’re hoping it’s better than Vista.
Click the jump for lots of screen grab goodness.
[UPDATE] A Microsoft rep has pointed out that these are older versions of the concept renderings for Windows 7 and, as stated above, not likely what we’ll see when it’s released in 2010. In other Windows 7 UI news, the latest version will be demoed later tonight at the All Things D conference. It’ll be interesting to see how close to these older renderings it turns out to be.

Enjoy the Windows 7 but you need to have a min of above 1GB RAM to play with Win7.

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