25-yr-old blogs his way to LSE


Ankur Shanker is a trained engineer, but the 25-year-old loves economics. The London School of Economics is willing to admit him, but like most middle class Indians, he doesn't have enough money.
While most people would take loans or try for a scholarship, Ankur's trying something different.
"I've started a blog, www.milliondollarstory.blogspot.com. By April, I hope to earn $1,10,000 through it," says he.
Silly pipe-dream you say? But it's actually working. In just one month, 5,000 people have been to his site and Ankur's already earned more than $200.
Here's how he does it.
"There are a lot of free advertisement programs on the Internet. You fix one on your homepage. Now, every time a visitor comes to your site, the program owner pays you some money. If the visitor actually clicks on an advertisement, you get even more money," says he.
Two years ago, this website earned its owner a million dollars by just selling advertising space. An Indian girl soon tried the same stunt and she earned a neat packet too.
But Ankur's trying something different. He's posting short stories on his blog, hoping people will keep coming back for more. A new story everyday, 180 in all by April.
"I have a full time job, so I write my stories whenever I have the time. It takes me around three hours to copy edit and finalise one story," says he.
Two hundred dollars in 30 days isn't bad, but Ankur needs 500 times that much to get to London.
He says, "Maybe the blog itself won't raise all the money, but the publicity it generates just might do the trick. If a corporate sees this and decides to sponsor my studies at LSE, I promise to return and work five years exclusively for him or her."

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