Google adding Video to the adsence program


Google is expanding its AdSense program in such a way that Web site publishers can display and make money off embedded video clips. The Video clips will come from YouTube content partners that have targeted banner or text ads.
Pretty soon Web sites will get every kind of content they want on their sites and get a cut of the revenue from accompanying advertisement. This will be boosted by Google’s already successful online ad business and give publishers a way to earn more money on their sites. Soon, we’ll see Google distributing all of the content a Web site could want.
The new AdSense content distribution program is expected to launch on Tuesday with a new product called video units. Google, for the most part, has focused on distributing text ads to Web sites through its auction-based AdWords system in which advertisers bid on keywords. So now we can have many videos on the site from Google and get opaid for showing that Video to the viewer. Enjoy

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