IT firms develop software to minimise umpiring errors


For someone also known as 'Slow Death', Steve Bucknor certainly seems to live up to his name and the former world cup soccer referee also paid for it in this India-Australia series.
But maybe it needn't have been that way. Where humans fail, technology steps in. At least that's what a slew of software companies are now cashing in on, developing software that can aid umpires and minimise erroneous decisions.
Stumpvision CEO, N P Thirukode says, "We have a data capture analysis called Omega, which captures data on more than 15 parametres for every ball delivered, batsman's strokes, line and length etc. Technology should be used as an aid to coach."
Stumpvision — for which Anil Kumble is one of the directors — is one of the many companies that have already made their mark in umpiring-technology solutions. They helped coaches John Wright and Greg Chappell during their India stints and currently also power the scoring technology that BCCI uses. So, if to err is human then to set it right is technology.
CEO Meru Consultants & Technologies, P Sankaran says, "With a click of the mouse you can set right umpiring decisions to see how many times the umpire has given bad decisions."
It's not Steve Bucknor alone who's been in the eye of the storm for bad umpiring decisions, it's something that is probably as old as the game itself. That said, umpiring technology software does help reduce human errors and it's a business opportunity that software firms are cashing in on.
The buck clearly stops with the ICC to make use of this technology.

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