Marry A Software Engineer Or Not……..


Husband - Hai Dear,I Am Logged In.
Wife - Would You Like To Have Some SnacksHusband - Hard Disk Full.
Wife - Have You Brought The Saree.Husband - Bad Command Or File Name.
Wife - But I Told You About It In MorningHusband - Erroneous Syntax, Abort, Retry, Cancel.
Wife - Hae Bhagwan ! Forget It Where’s Your Salary.Husband - File In Use, Read Only, Try After Some Time.
Wife - Atleast Give Me Your Credit Card, I Can Do Some Shopping.Husband - Sharing Violation, Access Denied.
Wife - I Made A Mistake In Marrying You.Husband - Data Type Mismatch.
Wife - You Are Useless.Husband - By Default.
Wife - Who Was There With You In The Car This Morning ?Husband - System Unstable Press Ctrl, Alt,Del To Reboot.
Wife - What Is My Value In Your Life?Husband - Unknown Virus Detected.
Wife - Do You Love Me Or Your Computer?Husband - Too Many Parameters.
Wife - I Will Go To My Dads House.Husband - Program Performed Illegal Operation,It Will Close.
Wife - I Will Leave You For Ever.Husband - Close All Programs & Log Out For Another User.
Wife - It Is Worthless Talking To You.Husband - Shut Down The Computer.
Wife - I Am GoingHusband - Its Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer.

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