MSN India Mobile Services Launched


India has always been an important market for online products and services, so it's little wonder that MSN India saw fit to launch its mobile services in the country. MSN’s new mobile client has the potential to become really big. David Raissipour, Product Unit Manager for MSN Mobile, and Senthilkumar Sundaram, Head – Mobile Business, MSN India, were at hand today to give us information on the range of services that MSN India Mobile is bringing in.
MSN India Mobile allows you to log in to check email or chat on MSN Messenger or browse current events using your cell phone, but the company claims there's much more to it. Interestingly, the service has been designed to optimize itself for whatever type of mobile device you have, so long as it supports normal XHTML viewing.

Not only do the pages appear to load faster, the size and placement of data is adjusted for optimized viewing on your display screen. It's also able to change the orientation if your mobile device allows Landscape viewing. Text will also adjust to best suit your display. The content will range from news to live sports to lifestyle and entertainment. We were told that, over time, there would be a lot more on offer, including mapping for GPS-enabled devices, and streaming video.

MSN has tied up with Nokia to be its worldwide partner. Though the MSN client may not be available for the Indian market yet, we were assured it wouldn't take long. The grapevine also suggests that MSN will be tying up with a local service provider. We are uncertain who won the bid, but rest assured, we'll find out soon enough.

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