Nokia To Poke Facebook For An Alliance?

· has a scoop that Nokia and Facebook could be eyeing a potential tie-up that could include Nokia picking up a stake in the social networking site. Here's an excerpt:
Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Facebook are working on porting the social network on to Nokia handsets in a major way, we have learned. The Facebook placement could be as prominent as the YouTube button on the main screen of iPhone, our sources indicate. Also, the deal involves giving Facebook a major slot within Nokia retail products’ displays. More says that it could be a threat to Orkut's dominance in India. For our part, we hope all this will result in a half-decent Facebook experience for mobile users. So far, the mobile application that's available for most phone platforms including Blackberry, is fairly poor. The best Facebook experience on a handheld device still seems to be the mobile version of the page (as against a downloadable application) on large screen phones such as the Apple iPhone and the Nokia E61/E62.

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