Online friends passe, find your evil twin on enemybook


Making friends online is passé. It's time to bring out a list of your enemies because social networking now has an evil twin.
We all swear by community portals but if you want to swear at them then it all goes into, where you can voice your anger at all the things you hate.
With an interface that sticks to the theme, it encourages you to find haters who might like you and allows you to vent your spleen together.
But you might have a lot of people to hate. What you need therefore is a community that allows you to manage your enemies well, just like you do your friends, and that's where comes in.
Hate can be an effective bonding tool, that's why sites like and allow you to manage your enemies and friends with similar disinterests.
You can 'enemy' public figures you're not a fan of, buy T-shirts and curios with hate messages, and create a blog where you can spit your venom.
But if you hate socialising, with a big full stop, then look into sites like or One is a spoof on social networking, which is bound to give you a laugh, and the other is a community that helps you stay away from online communities.
So, it seems like real world anger and frustration is spilling over into the virtual world.

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