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The quest to find 100% Free Live Cricket Scorecard for your website ends here. We offer a free Scorecard for your site, simply insert some code on your website and within seconds a score card is displayed on your site. Yes!! No registration, No sign ups, No approval, simply generate your code and start showcasing a Cricket Scorecard on your website.
The code could be integrated with no fuss and messy customization of source code, it is a simple insertion of code (very much like pasting an image on your website) and we offer you multiple sizes to help you decide the most appropriate scorecard for your website.
Live Cricket Scorecard always brings stickiness to a website and it could be used as a tool to retain loyal and also bring in more traffic, so you could choose either your favorite country or common code to showcase all the current matches being played.
Last but not the least; the Scorecard is generated from our servers so you do not have to worry about bandwidth.
Our Service cannot be used in non-general-public accessible website or within an application.
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Still not convinced, look at the our features and benefits of our Cricket Card Scorecard Syndication
Increase your web traffic by placing our scorecard on your website
Satisfy your users by offering them a glimpse of scorecard of current cricket matches on your site
Simple integration, it is like placing an image on our site.
Improve stickiness on your website
Add credibility to your site, by putting our live Scorecard.
Clutter free
Updation of Live Scorecard within 3 - 7 Seconds after the actual event.
Contains all the necessary details about a cricket match i.e. team current scores, current batting and bowling players figures, match status and more…
Updated ball by ball
Scorecard syndication of various places
Horizontal Websites
Cricket websites
Content Driven
Discussion Forums
News Websites
Personal Websites
Sport Websites, etc.
Small Scorecard
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Medium Scorecard
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Banner Scorecard
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Large Scorecard (Popular)
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