Top five videos of 2007 on Youtube


Youtube was possibly one of those big ideas of 2007 - just jog your memory for which of those wacky crazy and sometimes controversial videos you would pick as the best.
Unique, out-of-the-box and the more bizarre the better - that's what people look for when they log on to Youtube. Youtubers are picky about how kooky they get something that's obvious at a glance into the top five hot videos list of 2007.
The popular website's rankings were released this week on the basis of the most shared and the most discussed clips.
The 'Obama girl' was an instant Youtube hottie and no, it was not about a girl who looked like Obama. The video featured an attractive girl professing her love for US presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama and was viewed four million times.
Topping the Obama girl's heart-felt declaration of love by three million clicks was Nora, the piano playing cat who got seven million mouse clicks.
A pair of otters who decided to take a nap while floating on their backs and - beat this - holding hands, were viewed nine million times.
And it seems that for Youtubers, almost any subject will do. A video featuring a Britney Spears fan, Chris Crocker, sob "Leave Britney Alone" was viewed 14 million times.
But the winner, by a large margin, had nothing to do with either senators or pop stars. It was the king of the jungle in the 'Battle for Kruger'.
The video, viewed 21 million times, shows a lion battling with a crocodile over his dinner - a young calf, only to be roughed up by a herd of water buffaloes.

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