Microsoft Mix Keynote Two, Live From Las Vegas


2:09 times up, GK says SB really wants to use an Air. SB:thanks
2:07 last Q: what is Microsoft’s plans for Razorfish SB: we bought Aquantive, good tech. It’s pretty independent, makes financial progress
2:06: Apple has licensed Activesync for exchange on iPhones, pls comment SB: we license Activesync to lots of companies, it’s in Microsoft’s business interest to license to Apple for exchange
2:05: Q: costs of Mix too expensive for students SB: look it up using Microsoft search, stuff online etc. The conference format works etc…
MONKEY BOY!!!!@!!!!!!!!! Ballmer does the monkeyboy demo when someone asks for some love for Web Developers.

2:00 HD format wars over, Bluray won, what’s Microsoft’s plans SB: we don’t make drives, we believed that HD DVD was a good solution, but moving forward we’re going to support Bluray, in Vista, in ways “that make sense.” Long term: will it be physical or digital delivery

:57 Silverlight on Microsoft web sites, like AOL has done with mail SB: over time, doesn’t make sense to abandon sites overnight, but over time they will switch
1:56 GK what phone do you use: SB: switch regularly, looking for larger keys as he gets older.
1:55 Q: silverlight for iPhone + Danger acquisition SB: looking at it, Apple is charging 30% of revenue via runtime, “Apple isn’t welcoming”. Danger acquisition: application asset on top of Windows Mobile platform, part of a strategy of consumer applications on mobile
1:54 Reporter from the Seattle Times asks about a sports team. WTF. Ballmer says he wont talk about that today.

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