Bloggers highlight iPhone disappointments


Even before the launch of Apple's new iPhone 3G, technology blogs have started to highlight factors that may make it a mere gadget.
Top among such factors is the device’s high cost, with The New York Times’ technology blog ‘Bits’ calling it "a step backwards for consumers".
Bloggers believe that it is not less expensive to own because US mobile carrier AT&T has a pricier data plan to subsidise the up-front cost.
In Australia, confirmed iPhone carriers Optus and Vodafone have not revealed the local pricing, but both will offer it on a no-contract prepaid plan.
Another biggest iPhone disappointment is the fact that it still doesn't support Adobe's Flash technology, which means many multimedia-rich sites remain off limits.

Thirdly, it is not easy to crack open the new device’s sleek case to replace its battery.
The new iPhone also does not have video recording provisions, something one can find even in the so-called low-end “feature phones” these days.
Besides all that, it is unable to copy a chunk of text and paste it into another application.
The lack of support for Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is said to be one of the most maddening iPhone flaws, reports Forbes magazine.
The iPhone does not even have a voice dialling system that allows users to dial verbally.
Seven biggest disappointments regarding Apple's new iPhone 3G:

  • Cost

  • Doesn’t support Adobe's Flash

  • No replaceable batteries

  • No video recording

  • No cut-and-paste

  • No multimedia messaging service

  • No voice dialling

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