Windows Live Messenger 9.0 M1 screenshots and details leak


The first Windows Live Messenger 9.0 beta program closed on June 24, 2008, and testers were not given much information about what Microsoft was planning to put into version 9.0 (the first beta build showed few changes). August, however, is making things more interesting again.

Hot on the heels of the news that Windows Live Messenger 9.0 would getting a new GUI, and one that would include Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) features, come leaked screenshots and details of the Milestone 1 (M1) build. managed to grab the build from Microsoft's internal testing program, which recently just happened to have internally released the M2 build. While the M1 build is already old, the screenshots do show a lot of changes:

Notice that even the about dialog is styled with the new GUI. Windows Live Messenger 9.0, which is expected to arrive with the Windows Live Wave 3 (the new header gives it away) rollout, will not only be sporting a new GUI, but will have many new features as well. The first most prominent one is the Favorites category, located at the top of the contact list. Contacts added to it have more details about them shown and are easier to find on the list. I can already see the arguments over who is in who's Favorites category 13-year-olds will be having.

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