Google Way Back Machine can takes you to January 2001


You might have heard about way back machine, which takes you to past to know how things happened at that time. This time Google came with the same concept in honor of its 10th Birthday. Google provided an opportunity to go back to 2001 to see the past. So follow me here I will take you back to January 2001.

Google explains that the index from January 2001 is the earliest available. “Well, for various technical reasons that are too boring to go into, earlier versions of our index aren’t readily accessible. But we did still want to offer users a chance to search an older index as a way of looking back at web history, and the January 2001 index is the best we can do.”

As Wikipedia informs us, January 2001 was an important month: Wikipedia is founded, George W. Bush becomes the 43rd President of the United States and Apple introduces iTunes.
A search for Gmail returned results about a Linux mail client and the Garfield email service.

If you observe you can see a exclamation mark next to Google in logo. Later they removed that mark!
So what you think? Go back to 2001 enjoy searching with your name, your blog name and etc…. Fun Blogging

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