How To:Take Screen Capture


You might know the importance of screen capture. One of the regular tasks we do as a Blogger is taking the photos of screens to explain our reader very clearly. Providing a relevant picture in your article catches the eye of readers. For taking this you don’t need to buy or download any special software. Just a couple keys in your keyboard will do this for you. Here is how to for different Operating Systems:

Windows System: If you are using Windows just hit your Print Screen key. This copies the screen and places it in your clipboard. Now open any image editor (Run->Mspaint) and click Edit - Paste. Save this new image in any format you want.
In order to capture only the active window (the window that has the focus), hit ALT + Print Screen.
You can use any image editor like Mspaint, Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Fireworks.

Macintosh System: On a Mac hit Apple + Shift + 3.

Linux System:Linux systems usually come with a free screen capture utility. For example, you can find one under the KDE desktop.

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