Interesting Fun Stuff


Interesting Fun Stuff
While I am surfing on the web, I run into many fun places to visit. I thought I would take a break from the serious side of the internet for a while and give you some of the fun things. Enjoy yourself. Be prepared, though, to find that you have lost a while afternoon, weekend or even week exploring some of these places!
Darwin Awards
DarwinAwards is a great site to visit. Learn about those people who killed themselves in really stupid ways. Why is it called the Darwin award? Survival of the fittest - in other words, these people help the species by dying.
Game Zone
MSN has created a web based gaming site which is loads of fun! The wonderful ladies in a

group called Misker’s Denizens sent me the URL for a game called Bejeweled,, and I haven’t been able to stop playing since. It’s easy and it’s fun.
Exploring the rest of Game zone at reveals a wide variety of free and pay games, including such classics as Ants, Backgammon, Bejeweled, Blackjack, Bridge, Checkers, Chess, Cribbage, Double Trouble, Go, Hearts, Spades and many others. In addition, if you’ve purchased a game from a retail outlet such as Quake or Age of Empires you can play it online from this site.
Another fun site is the M&M site at There are lots of different fun things to do, which I’m sure the kids will love and even as an adult I found very enjoyable. This is a fine example of a corporation turning which could be just another stuffy site into something that will bring people back again and again.
You want to see what online comics look like? Visit and you will find out. This excellent little comic strip is fun to read, well done and shows some of the things that you can do on the web if you want. It’s only updated occasionally, but it’s worth visiting once a month or so to keep an eye on what’s happening.
Blue Mountain
You want to send an ecard? Pehaps the biggest and best site is They have thousands of cards on every single subject under the sun. Everything is of very high quality, the servers are fast and it all looks great!
The Rumbles
Got a web site and want to enter it into a competition? Check out The Rumbles at This competition is quite fun. Enter your site and see if you can get up to Utopia!
Need clip art in a hurry? Check out and see what they’ve got. I’ve been scrounging their site for years now, and often find something that I can use. Check it out.
Animation Factory
Quite possibly the best animation site on the internet. You need animated GIFs, then go here. They have literally tens thousands of animations which you can include on your web site. They have a cool feature - you can sign up for an animation a day which you receive in your email.
Loving You
Need to get romantic or find something to give to your significant other? A great site to visit is You will find just about everything you could imagine here to make your loved one feel special.
Science Fiction
Like science fiction? Check out and visit the premier site with information about movies, books and television series related to this subject.
Another great and funny site to visit is, which is a comic parody of the old Star Trek series. Very funny and you can even include it on your own web site!
You want some real fun on the internet? No, no, no. Clean fun. If you do, visit this site.

Technosphere (no longer active)
Note: I’ve kept this here for historical purposes. The Technosphere site is no longer active.
Want to have some fun with artificial life forms? Try visiting Technosphere, and you will get a fascinating look at a strange, computer generated reality.
“TechnoSphere is a 3D model world inhabited by artificial lifeforms created by WWW users. There are thousands of creatures in the world all competing to survive. They eat, fight, mate and create offspring which evolve and adapt to their environment. When you make a creature it will email you to let you know what it has been getting up to in its world. Using the creature tools you can find out how your creature is surviving, what it is doing at any time, and where it is in the terrain.” — Technosphere home page
What you do is exactly what this says. You go to that web site and create a “creature” by putting together different body parts. You can choose the head, eyes, body and wheels, then set the creature loose in the mythical world. You will periodically get emails updating you on the life and times of your creature. Don’t be surprised if it dies, and it it does go back and create another one.

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